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Thursday, May 2, 2019

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Some Key Factors Affecting the Salary of a Video Game Tester

Becoming a video game tester is a dream of thousands of modern kids nowadays instead of growing up to be a doctor, teacher or firefighter like in the past. Therefore, most people care about video game salary as well as want to know more about this job. If you love playing games and want to turn your love of games into a job and make money from this, staring at a video game tester is a great way to get started in the game industry and build your career. In fact, this career doesn’t require a professional qualification like other jobs as long as you have passion, a little talent and the most important thing - hard work. Below we will provide you with more information about this job as well as video game tester salary. We know that video game testers could be paid hourly or they could receive an annual salary but how much they could earn depends on many factors. Read more: How much a software developer make? 

Which game company or studio you're working for?

Agile software company and studio size affect a lot to testers' salary. It is no doubt that big corporations or organizations often get projects with larger budgets, which allows them to pay their testers a higher salary included bonuses.

  • The market

Nowadays, a market with the development of the game industry and the support of modern machines and technology bring video game tester more chances to show their abilities and increase their income. Especially, in the major game development nations like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and so on, you have more chance to improve your knowledge and skills that help you earn more.

  • Benefits

We often just focus on video game tester salary. However, there are some other aspects related amount of money each video game tester could earn per year. To be specific, some companies pay for their testers' health insurance, travelling expenses, applicable employment taxes, dental, vision and other benefits, even increase the number of vacation days per year. These perquisites don't seem too impressive but they really can help testers too much in adding up to thousands of extra dollar each year.

  • Qualification

Although most companies don’t require you to go to colleges or universities to get a professional degree, if you get an education and own a qualification related to what you do ( in this case, it is video game tester ), it’s definitely good for your job. You'll have a much better opportunity of getting higher paying jobs in video game testing. Besides, you could learn more about technical writing, project management and so on to expand practical knowledge and skills.

  • Experience

Like any job, video game tester salary depends a lot on your years of experience on the job. Employers definitely prefer their employees with practical hands-on experience. Therefore, to have a decent job in a large company with a high salary, you should have a good work experience. You could take a part-time job related to the game industry when you were a student or work as an intern when you’ve just graduated. Those are the best ways for you to gain more work experience and get higher income.


It's quite hard to say exactly how much a video tester can earn when he/she works in the game industry because it depends on many factors like qualification, labour market, experiences and so on. However, according to some surveys, video game tester salary starts around $18,000 and top out around $55,000 annually.


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