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Monday, April 22, 2019

Latest Testing Tools 2019 - Trend of a time


The latest testing tools in 2019 might not be the most outstanding ones but absolutely the most updated ones. A good testing tool requires unceasing flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing problems arising, therefore, innovation to testing tool manufacturers is of a must

What are the new aspects of testing solutions? What are the most up-to-date tools? Let’s take a look

The Very First Thought

You can find the academic definition of testing tools anywhere on Google, but few of them give you a short, simple look into it. Think about them as your sidekick, like Pumba to Timon, or Dr.Watson to Sherlock Holmes. The sidekick will not only supportively accompany you along the challenging journey but also does everything you need in their power so that you can reach further milestones - the same concept applies to test tools

So, in short, testing tools are what assist you from soup to nuts in testing activities to optimize your software developing effort. With the support of testing tools, especially the latest ones, the testing process becomes totally automatic and optimal, which buys you some time to focus on other crucial matters

Old Names - New Faces

These days there are not so many brand new testing tools, however, the old guys in the testing tools field are rising above with new changes and innovation to adapt to the higher demand from users. The latest version of some familiar names can be so fresh that we can hardly recognize, thus, make them not only out of sheer the newest version but figuratively the newest faces running on the trend of this generation

qTest 9 

qTest by QASymphony is one of the outstanding guys in Agile and DevOps company .Among all qTest’s versions, qTest 9 is the newest release with 2 new features: qTest Launch and qTest Scenario 

qTest Launch is designed for test automation management. It provides users with updates on the basic characteristics like centralized test automation, integration across frameworks and tools and enhanced visibility

On the other hand, qTest Scenario “helps everyone to be on the same page with BDD (behavior-driven development), as put by QASymphony’s spokesman. It owns the ability to facilitate BDD test scenario creation through Jira software add-on, which offers users an ideal way to start with automated testing

Some key features of it, according to QAsymphony’s blog, would be:
Jira integration: Testers, developers and product owners can create, update, edit and link feature files using the Jira interface to any issue type
Simplified script and scenario creation: qTest Scenario’s autocompletion allows BDD teams to well-reuse previously implemented Cucumber steps or outlines to streamline feature and scenario creation
Source code traceability: qTest Scenario stores all feature files directly in private Git repositories like GitHub and Bitbucket to standardize feature files and scenario steps as code

Ranorex 9.0

Ranorex is an all-in-one tool for cross-platform test automation. It not only well fits the beginners because of its codeless click-and-go interface but also powers automation experts by its full IDE

Ranorex 9.0 is the latest version released by Ranorex studio. It contains a mysterious yet stunning dark-theme, effective and optimal new features and some performance-boosting tricks

The first new feature of the 9.0 version to be listed is the improvements in performance and usability. Ranorex adds a new dark theme as a complement to the light theme earlier, so that users now have more options to choose.  It also has a new 64-bit version for easier automatic and debugging, a video recording of test execution to keep track of what happened and a new file/project wizard for a faster, easier workflow

Ranorex studio also thinks about enhancements in remote testing, shown by its custom tags for remote agents, smarter mouse handling and remote test distribution. Other worth-noting traits would be a new machine-trained algorithm for automatic identification of web elements and Significantly faster test execution performance for web application testing, for all web browsers

Zephyr for Jira 4.0.3

Speaking of testing tools, Zephyr has no match. Zephyr is a “leading provider of on-demand, real-time enterprise test management solutions, offering innovative applications and unparalleled, metrics based visibility via real time dashboards into the quality and status of software projects”. Zephyr by Jira is the flagship of Zephyr’s applications, also considered as the no.1 selling tool and the most trusted testing solution, providing end-to-end answers for agile teams of all sizes with its rich features in various field of business.

In March 2019, Zephyr for Jira version 4.0.3 was released, presenting many new features to improve users’ experiences. Some outstanding ones are:

Introduced an option in the general configuration settings for Zephyr for JIRA to display all archived versions when viewing test cycles under the cycle summary page.

Added an option to disable the appended “CLONE” text when cloning test cycles and folders under the cycle summary page. Therefore, users are able to import all test cases via the internal importer tool using a sheet filter with a discriminator by the ID change.

Implemented a visual editor for test steps for a test issue type. It also adds lots of bug fixes to enhance the overall efficiency.

It also adds lots of bug fixes to improve the overall efficiency

Last Words

Each of the above testing tools comes with a unique, distinctive competitive advantage, core competency and environmental fit - the point is to find one that is suitable to your current and even future state. Therefore, doing some researches to pinpoint which one suits your need the most would out of doubt help you reach further milestones.

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