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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Simple ways to be professional in Ruby and Ruby on Rails

 Since developing websites is becoming more popular, the demand for learning programming language increases significantly. Although a large number of people choose to start their career path with languages like C++, Jave, etc., Ruby on Rails is favorable by many developers and top it outsourcing companies. However, a lot of newbies confused between Ruby and Ruby on Rails ( RoR). Hence, this article will help you to distinguish these terms in an easy way.

Simply, Ruby is a programming language, which uses characters and codes to make up a program. It is easy to learn, to read and has some outstanding features enable you to write almost every kind of programs. Meanwhile, ruby on rails, commonly known as rails, is a framework for performing web applications. For example, imagine that your motorcycle is a Ruby, so, the motorcycle with full of oil and accessories is Ruby on Rail, which is ready to use. These are 5 things you should notice to differentiate 2 kinds of programming languages:

Ruby, ruby on rails
Ruby & Ruby on Rails in comparison.

Both Ruby and Ruby on Rails are free, open and available. Ruby on Rails is used popularly as the developers can use its framework structure. This facilitates them to change and strengthen the speed of the programming process. Also, it provides a testing system that strong enough for the developers to check and modify all the mistakes. Meanwhile, Ruby is a simple, flexible and powerful language but it is less popular because writing a fully functional web app from Ruby is a complicated task for every developer. 

Each language has its own strong aspects. It is obvious that it is better if the developers write his/her programs in Ruby on Rails language. In contrast, he/she must learn how to write a program in Ruby first as its syntax is simpler and more understandable.

Hopefully, this article is a useful guide that helps you understand each of the languages deeply and thoroughly, thus, you will have a general view of the programming language developing in the future.

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