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Monday, December 3, 2018


Top 7 most frequently asked AWS developer Interview questions

When looking for a cloud computing job, you will need to prepare for a set of questions that can guarantee a successful job interview. These are the most frequently asked AWS developer interview questions that you may encounter if you would like to become an AWS Solution Architect.

1. What do you understand by AWS?
This question checks your basic AWS knowledge so your answer should be straightforward - you should define what is AWS as well as the characteristics of the services of the platform.

2. What are the main elements of AWS?
This is one of the most frequently asked AWS developer interview questions. Just get the interviewer mind and answer accordingly either with components name or with the description along with. - Route 53; S3; SES; IAM; EC2; EBS and CloudWatch

3. What do you mean by AMI? What does it include?
It is very likely that you will meet many questions about the AMI at the interview, so you may want to prepare a pretty good knowledge about this subject. Define what is AMI as well as the key features, and the components of the AMI.

4. Is vertically scale is possible on Amazon instance?
The answer is Yes - it is possible. If the interviewer want a more detailed answer from you, just explain the procedure for vertical scaling.

5. Can you define the connection between AMI and Instance?
Many different types of instances can be launched from one AMI. The type of an instance generally regulates the hardware components of the host computer that is used for the instance. Each type of instance has distinct computing and memory efficacy.

Once an instance is launched, it casts as host and the user interaction with it is same as with any other computer but we have a completely controlled access to our instances. AWS developer interview questions may contain one or more AMI based questions, so prepare yourself for the AMI topic very well.

6. What is the difference between Amazon S3 and EC2?
At any AWS developer interview, you should prepare yourself with the concepts of Amazon S3 and EC2, and the difference between them. You can tell the difference between S3 and EC2 based on these criterias: Definition, features, requirements to run a server,...

7. How many storage options are there for EC2 Instance?
Amazon EC2 is the common topic you may come across in an AWS developer  interview. Get a thorough knowledge of the EC2 instance and all the storage options for the EC2 instance. For suggested answer, your response to the interviewer should fully cover the four storage options for Amazon EC2 Instance, namely Amazon EBS, Amazon EC2 Instance Storage, Amazon S3, Adding Storage.

We have compiled a list of most popular and most frequently asked AWS developer interview questions in a typical interview for a AWS solution architect job, as well as the suggested answers for those questions. Different interviewers may have different set of AWS developer interview questions, it depends on the characteristics and requirements of the jobs at the company you are applying for. However, once you have prepared carefully for these questions, you can totally think about the prospect of a successful interview.

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