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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


TOP 5 Manual testing interview questions with answers you SHOULD KNOW

Manual testing interview questions are the questions that you may encounter when applying for a developer job. In this post, we will cover some popular manual testing interview questions as well as the best answer to these questions.

1, During testing, you find a bug and assigned it to developer. But developer rejects the bug saying that it is not a defect. How you will handle this situation? (one of the most challenging manual testing interview questions)

First of all bugs should be logged with proper reproducible steps, screenshots etc…
If developer rejects the bug, we should first look out for the reason or justification on why the bug was rejected. If the justification is valid I would agree for the rejection. On the contrary, I will go back and try to reproduce the bug with the steps I had provided earlier. If it is still reproducible, I shall reopen the bug with valid comments and will provide additional information (if I found any). Then I would go back to the developer asking for justification on the rejection. At this point I shall include BA and technical lead also is to take confirmation on the defects

2, What is your approach in case there is not enough time for test execution?

In that case, my first focus will be on the priority of the requirements and the functionality would be the first tested, followed by the areas where the probability of finding defects is high. I would also analyze by test cases and execute the high priority test cases first followed by medium and low if time permits. If I know the application well and have previous experience about it, then exploratory testing is a good approach when there is limited time left. All these should be approved by the Test Manager and documented in the test strategy. 

3, What is exit criteria of testing? / When to stop testing? (This manual testing interview question is the easiest question to answer out of the 5 covered in this post)

It is almost impossible to make sure that an application is completely defect-free. At some point the testing should be stopped and we have to give a sign off so that the application can be released. The exit criteria of testing will be mentioned in the Test Plan before testing itself. We consider a lot of criteria to decide when to stop the testing. All the defects have been addressed and closed, all the test cases have been executed, traceability metrics is done (which means test cases have been executed for each of the requirements). Some factors should be considered for stopping the testing.

4, Have you written any test plan? What are the contents of test plan?

(Yes I have been involved in writing test plan). Test plan will contain the scope and all the activities of testing. The main contents of test plan is the scope, approach, resources and testing schedule. In testing scope we will say the testable and non-testable functionalities. In testing approach we would mainly mention the testing environments, different kinds of testing, testing cycles, the test cases which will be executed, testing data and scripts.…It will also say the test entry and exit criteria. Which means when testing will be started and stopped. The roles and responsibilities of each resources would be mentioned and testing schedule and timelines are also mentioned in the test plan. In addition any risk/assumptions and dependencies are also mentioned in the test plan. 

5, Have you done any reviews for QA deliverables?

(Yes, I have reviewed QA deliverables mainly test plan and test cases). QA checklist is maintained for each of the deliverables and the reviews will happen against the checklist. First of all, I do a self-review for all the deliverables that I prepare. Then I would give it to my team member for peer review and vice versa. Before the review, walkthrough of the document is done for better readability. All the test cases and test data is inserted, risk and dependencies are described etc… During reviewing test cases I will first check the requirement traceability, which means for each requirements if the test cases are available. Next my focus will be on test coverage. I will check of all the scenarios have been covered etc…

Above are some of the most popular manual testing interview questions and some of the best ways to answer.  

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