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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


What is your choice for best mobile app testing tools in 2017

Behind the important role of software development, Software testing, especially mobile app testing plus another essential part in this industry. With the growth of software development industry, many big companies rise. Today, I will introduce to you, Savvycom, one of the most software development and testing company which is famous for mobile app testing services.

mobile app testing tools 2017
Best Mobile App Testing Tools 2017

There is a wide range of automation testing tools available. They help reduce the time needed for the testing process and the chances of human errors during test execution. Here are 5 great testing technologies for mobile app developers to make a best choice

1. Appium

Appium is known as an open-source testing platform for Android and iOS applications which run testings for:

  • Automating native 
  • Mobile web
  • Hybrid mobile applications

Together with “cross-platform”. Appium allows you to write tests against multiple platforms using the same API.
Programming Language Support:  Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and C# on web-base library.

2. Robotium

Robotium is an mobile usability testing tool for Android apps. Not like other testing tools, Robotium is not require mass of understanding of Android mobile app's structure or classes. Because of these following reasons:

  • Robust automatic black-box test cases
  • Android UI test
  • Support Native and Hybrid Androids Apps

Robotium uses Java as programming language supporting.

3. MonkeyRunner

This tool is designed to run testing for devices and mobile apps on:
  • Functional level test base or Framework level.
  • Provides an API for writing programs to test Android devices
Programming language is supported for testing:  Python.

4. UI Automator

This Automation Testing tool supported testing for:
  • Performing interactions on user apps and system apps. 
  • Writing black box-style automated tests. 
  • Viewers to inspect layout hierarchy, APIs 
  • Cross-app UI testing.

5. Selendroid

Selendroid is a testing automation framework to test

  • The UI of Android native and hybrid apps and the mobile web. 
  • And supports plugging of hardware devices.

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