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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why we exist in this information technology world?

Some companies consulting in the software space exist because they say they want to optimize the value of software as a general idea. They want to fine tune methodologies or products. Some want to sell you their product which is, of course, the best. Some have the answer for you before they even know what the problem is. Some say they want to help you make your vision a reality.

We exist for a different reason. We have done those things as team members. We started this company with a purpose.

Exist in the world of information technology

We were started by an individual who had the misfortune of working for several small, highly profitable, yet sleazy development firms. That may be a bit harsh in some cases. Some had a very finely tuned approach to their tricks. Ambiguous Statement of Work that required Scope Change Orders just to make a line item mean something tangible. Some firms were just sloppy, and cost the Client more money because improper or no testing was done, discovery was an afterthought, or the payments were scheduled so that after the spec was done, it did not matter if the Client left because a big chunk of money was due.

In all cases, the Client paid for what they, in reality, should have been able to trust their vendor to manage for them. You trust your Dentist to put sharp things in your mouth and you trust your portfolio manager to make the right decisions. You even trust your mailperson to not steal checks. Somehow, the world of software consulting has not adopted trust. Part of the reason is that we are building ideas, but I do not accept that as valid.

Our founder grew up in a household with a family business. Construction. Dirty, oily, bleeding fingers and frozen toes were normal. We laughed about it and kept working when really, a “smart” person should have gone home – or so they say. What made that company successful was not that they made money on a deal as did the the aforementioned lucrative software firms but instead the fact that the owner of the company knew relationships are more important than deals. There is a human element in everything, because we are people (or most of us are…. I had this one boss I could see being from another planet…)

Update to technocial revolution

When that construction worker died in a motorcycle accident (my father), I received a gift. I got instructions as to what my life needed to amount to. I knew what I needed people to say at my funeral. I do not want to hear “he changed IT and revolutionized technology” (although, that would be nice) nearly as much as I want to hear Dad’s eulogy echoed: “His word was good, and those who were close to him had a friend, a partner, a confidante, and their lives were better off for it. If he shook your hand, it was as good as a Presidential decree. His family came first and to support that family, he relied on hard work, honesty, and perseverance. He was an honest and strong man who you could count on to be there for you, and the world will be worse without him. They do not make them like Greg anymore.”

I am of that mold, and MiT Consultants exists to honor Gregory Milane as well as the heartbeat of your organization. With every move we make, Dad comes with us. For you, that means you get two generations of old school values coupled with cutting edge technology,  an almost insatiable need to be the best, and a purpose: help people who need help and add value wherever you can. Be a good man and represent something honorable. You get traditional values and strength of character along with a love of the emerging technologies.

We have existed for a long time. We are more than a company. We are the heart and soul of my hero. If we let you down, I let him down. That is not going to happen.

I know all the tricks and loopholes, risks and stumbling points. These will come your way as you embark upon your project. We can help guide you and protect you and truly be your technology partner. We take that idea to heart, to bed at night, and on vacation.

Get in touch. Say hello. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Josh Milane

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